What is CECA?
Who We Are
  • CECA is a nonprofit organization of professionals interested in promoting the use of technology throughout schools in Connecticut.
  • CECA sponsors the only major statewide educational technology conference in Connecticut every fall.
  • CECA sponsors seminars and workshops throughout the year.
  • CECA sponsors an Educational Technologies Exposition at the Connecticut State Legislative Office Building in the spring which is co-sponsored by over 20 other Connecticut educational organizations.
  • CECAís Board of Directors is composed of teachers and business leaders who work in the field of educational technology and represent school districts from every region in Connecticut. These volunteers meet monthly to plan CECA's activities
  • CECA publishes a newsletter several times a year which is distributed to its membership.
  • CECA publishes telecommunications and membership directories which are distributed to its membership.
  • CECA works with vendors such as Claris, Edmark, and Scholastic to establish special pricing on their products for all K-12 Connecticut schools.
  • CECA Advisors are educators who volunteer their time to represent every school district in Connecticut and help disseminate information about CECA and its activities.


Our Vision

Promoting Effective 21st Century Educational Technologies for Connecticut

Our Mission
Provide leadership to improve teaching and learning through the effective use of technology
Our Goals


  1. To improve the effectiveness of CECA’s communication with its target audiences
  2. To actively advocate for educational technology
  3. To establish a powerful knowledge network through partnerships with regional and national organizations


Want to Know More?
CECA Bylaws
CECA Membership
CECA Board of Directors