Adobe Affiliate
Only Districts may sign up, however, private schools that receive funding as non public schools from a local district may tack on, if the district joins and names them.This is because the district owns the merchandise purchased under this scenario.

In order to "join" as an affiliate, the school district must place (within 30 days of receiving approval from Adobe) an order for 1000 pts.  This is very easy to accomplish, and your savings are enormous.  Districts may mix and match all Adobe and Macromedia titles to get the 1000 points, but here are some great examples...These licenses may go anywhere within the district:

5 ea Acrobat Pro 8 licenses and 5 Upgrade Plan (2yr/12 mo) licenses total $240 and equal 1000 pts.  Non CLP purchases of a single boxed Education Acrobat Pro 8 would cost $149.95

14 ea Photoshop Elements5 plus 14 upgrade plans (2 yr/12 month) licenses total $475 and equal 1000 pts.  Outside of this affiliate buy, you would only qualify for Tier 1 Transactional licensing, and pay $980 for these same licenses.

2 ea Creative Suite Premium 2.3 and 2 upgrade plans (2yr/12 mo) licenses total $420 and equal 1000 pts. Creative Suite Premium 2.3 now includes Acrobat Pro 8, Dreamweaver, Photoshop, Illustrator, Indesign, Version Cue, Adobe Stock Photos and Adobe Bridge)

3 ea Studio8 w/FlashPro and 3 upgrade plans (2 yr/12 mo) licenses total  $535  and equal 1125 pts

Enjoy similar savings on all Adobe and Macromedia licenses.  AFTER A DISTRICT PLACES THE INITIAL 1000 PTS PURCHASE ON ONE PO, ALL SCHOOLS WITHIN THE DISTRICT HAVE ACCESS TO CLP4.5/TIER3 PRICING LEVELS AND NO MINIMUMS.  Each license includes work at home privileges for one educator (at the district's discretion). 

Newly revised training resources, including year long curriculum with lesson plans, templates, curriculum, student guides and much more are available for virtually all Adobe and Macromedia titles FREE of charge at .  Scroll down the page and look for the link on Training and Resources.

Questions or concerns about how to best purchase Adobe/Macromedia licensing? Lori McCaughey and Odessa Criales are EXPERTS and can help you make the very best decisions.  They have maintained the Adobe, Filemaker, LCSI, and many other special CECA buys for more than a decade, first through K-12 MicroMedia Publishing, and now through CCV. (The two companies merged 18 months ago) Call or email either one for the best possible price and advice on any type of licensing....and to find out all the other special purchasing power membership in CECA offers you.

Lori McCaughey      800-292-1997  

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