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The Connecticut Educators' Computer Association has established an award to recognize excellence in the application of technology to classroom learning. Each year CECA will grant up to three (3) awards of $1,000 each, given to the individual teachers to be used as they wish and $500 presented to the teachers to use at their schools to help them disseminate information about their project or to defray the costs of integrating technology.  In the event of a team application, the monetary award will be divided equally among the individuals, with the $500 going to the school, as indicated above. Teachers at all levels, K-12, are encouraged to apply. Members of the CECA Board of Directors or their immediate family members will not be eligible for the award. Winners in any one year will not be eligible for an award the following year.



Teams or individuals may submit proposals for recognition of work that has made use of computer technology (in conjunction with other technologies) to significantly improve the learning of students. The learning can be in any domain (affective, cognitive, or motor), in any curriculum area, at any level in grades K-12. It may be aimed at the professional development of teachers if a clear link to improved learning of students can be shown. A primary reason for the award is to stimulate innovative and creative teaching. The work must clearly support the CECA Goals and Vision Statement.


Complete the form which can be downloaded below. Include one "Information Section" for each individual applicant, your response to the "Narrative Outline" (no more than 5 pages), and a signed "Agreement". Send the original plus three (3) copies to:

CECA Awards

PO Box 31

Bethlehem, CT 06751

The application must be postmarked by Friday, March 30, 2007.

The Connecticut Frameworks (referenced in the application) may be found at: Click on "Learning Resources and Information Technology"

If you need further information contact the

**2006 Downloadable Forms- all in PDF

** 2007 forms will be updated soon. Use these an examples